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Mike Roussos is a certified Mos-Expert (Microsoft Office Specialist – Expert) for the past two years and has been training groups in these Office courses for much longer than that. 

My clients include many Corporations – including (recently) Toyota, Barlow, Engen, BHP Billiton and Imperial Logistics.

I have run training sessions in the various Microsoft Office products – for groups of clients for various training companies; including Imsimbi, Summat, Manto and others.

I have accreditations for most of the Microsoft Office packages at the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) level – and at the Expert level for Excel. 

 I also run courses in various management skills through the training companies listed above – including courses in Financial Management, Supervisory Management, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Mentoring skills, Performance Management and many others.

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Management Consulting & Energy Consulting & Management Training for Imsimbi & Summat & Manto and some other Training Companies – on a variety of Management Training Courses Certified MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) – trained the full spectrum of MS Office courses.

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Mike is a professional trainer

Training experience – I began my career setting up and running training for Shop Stewards within the emerging (black) Trade Union Movement. When I worked within the corporations, I was responsible for the HR function, for Succession Planning and for the whole HRD function. I also taught at University-level, while completing my Honours and Masters degrees. In the last few years, I have worked for a range of training companies doing a wide variety of courses – in the General Management field, the Human Resources field, the Finance Field and the Supply Chain Management field (amongst others). 

The courses range from short 3 to 5 day courses, to year-long certificate courses. During the Covid lockdown period, I switched to teaching online – using packages like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts. This allowed many managers to continue their training, even though face-to-face sessions were not allowed.

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